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Proud Hellene, polytheist and Pagan. Reconstructing Late Antiquity-Early Medieval Hellenism of the Roman imperial era based on the teachings of Julian the Philosopher and Iamblichus, referred to as "Julian Hellenism."

The divine are happy: appropriate attitudes to worshipping divinity

In ancient Hellenic religion, it was understood that the Gods reside in an eternal state of happiness. This eternal bliss is one of the many unique features distinguishing the Gods from mortal-kind. Thus, happiness should be seen as an integral … Continue reading

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On Herbs. An Anonymous Greek Poem translated by Ɔ. Martiana

This ancient text on Hellenic herbalism has been translated to English for the first time by Ɔ. Martiana, a co-author of the Hellenic Faith website fluent in both ancient Greek and Latin! Please check it out here and consider purchasing … Continue reading

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All meat comes from sacrifice: Hellenic dietary laws on meat consumption

Animal sacrifice is often thought to be one of the essential practices of ancient Hellenic religion. Frequently the practice is given a central role in the religion, acting conceptually, if not in practice, as the premier ritual of ancient Greek … Continue reading

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Update on the Website + Stance Against Hindutva

Hello all. Kleitonos (AzoresHeliokles), creator of here. It’s been a long time since the last update for the website, and I’m writing here to provide an some explanation on my current situation. In short, there will still be no … Continue reading

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Prayer to Flavios Klaudios Ioulianos

O Great Julian, Emperor of Roma and First Among Equals, Shining Son of God and Wisest of Men, Golden King of Hellenes and All-Merciful Benefactor, I invoke your name to banish all evil and purify this space. Give me, if … Continue reading

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