Theology & Philosophy

The word theology is derived from the Greek word “theo” meaning “god,” and entails the study of the Gods. Philosophy, another word, stems from the Greek words philo,” meaning “love,” and sophia,” meaning “wisdom,” and thus means “love of wisdom.” As such, in the words of my good friend, “to the believer, all philosophy is theological.”



Cosmic Principle: The One

An in-depth explanation and understanding of the One, also known as the Good.



An encyclopedia of different Hellenic Gods & an explanation of the Twelve Olympians.



An explanation on the creation of the cosmos & of humankind.


Beauty & Love

An explanation of Beauty (Kalon) and Love (Eros) in Platonism, and its relation to the soul and to theurgy.


The Soul

An overview of the Iamblichean Platonist standing on the soul.


The Afterlife

An overview on the afterlife, with regards to metempsychosis and henosis.


Origin of Evil

An age-old question is “if the Gods are good, where does evil come from?” This provides an answer to that question.


The Chaldean Oracles

A reconstruction of the revealed text of Julian the Chaldean and Julian the Theurgist which is the basis of all theurgic practice.


Icons & Images

A defense of the use of icons for religious worship.



An explanation of the nature of Mysteries.



An explanation of the nature of Myths, and how they are to be interpreted.



An explanation of Hubris, a sin in Hellenism.


The Delphic Maxims

The Delphic Maxims are a collection of 147 maxims that are understood to be delivered by the deity Apollo Himself to the Oracle at Delphi. The proverbs are said to have been written down by the Seven Sages, seven early-6th-century BCE philosophers, mystics, politicians, and law-givers who were later renowned for their wisdom. They are usually identified as:


Religio & Superstitio

An overview of Religio & Superstitio, the concept of proper religion against superstition.



An explanation of sacrifice and its purpose.


Platonic Solids

An overview of the Five Elements.