Miasma & Purification

An overview on miasma, what it is, and what kinds of purification rituals will be necessary when dealing with it.



On proper salutation that one should take when before an altar of the Gods.



On theurgy, religious practices that strives to unite the worshiper upward to the One through imitation of the divine.


Do ut des

A commonly misunderstood theory of worship central to Hellenic polytheism.



On the art of divination, the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown through understanding symbols and messages sent from the divine, whether through discovering them in nature or through theurgic practice.


Prayer Format

On the importance of prayer and a prayer format.


Ritual Format

On the significance of ritual and format on how to do it.


Household Worship

On proper household worship, including instructions on building a lararium.



On matters of the dead.