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Prayer to Flavios Klaudios Ioulianos

O Great Julian, Emperor of Roma and First Among Equals, Shining Son of God and Wisest of Men, Golden King of Hellenes and All-Merciful Benefactor, I invoke your name to banish all evil and purify this space. Give me, if … Continue reading

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Strengthening your Connection with the Gods

One may at times feel that their connection to the Gods waxes and wanes and may begin to wonder why we as humans, even though we are spiritual beings, sometimes have a hard time connecting with the divine, as if … Continue reading

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Hymn to the King of the Kosmos

O Great Iovis, Celestial Demiurge and King of the All, Lord of the Heavens and the Earth, He of the Seven Rays, whose radiance delivers only good and whose stare averts only evil, Undefeated and shining benefactor, who illuminates all … Continue reading

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Against the Folkish “Pagans”

There is a Folkish problem in Paganism. The Folkish are an inane sect of deplorables who take on a “racialist” attitude towards religion, who have all the time in the world to chatter nonsense about their ancestry and blood, but … Continue reading

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Social Justice as Serving the Gods

There are plenty of people who, on the one hand, purport to serve the Gods and preach messages of hospitality, charity, and salvation, and on the other hand, are unwilling to extend these to the underprivileged, whether they be refugees, … Continue reading

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