Feriale Cumanum

The so-called Feriale Cumanum, an inscription from the city of Cumae (CIL 10.8375) from the early first century CE, records certain local observances, all related to the civic institutions and imperial history of Rome. Translation by Ɔ. Martiana (Unhistorize).

Supplication’ in this text refers to public prayer.


(…) before Kalends of September: On this day, Caesar entered his first consulate. (…) On this day, the army of Lepidus surrendered to (Augustus) Caesar. Supplication to (?).


[23] Nine before Kalendy of October: Birthday of (Augustus) Caesar. Sacrifice to Caesar. Victim and supplication to Vesta.


[7] Nones of October: Birthday of Drusus Caesar. Supplication to Vesta.

[18] Fifteen before Kalends of November: On this day, (Augustus) Caesar put on the toga of manhood. Supplication to Spes (‘hope’) and Iuventus (‘youth’).


[16] Sixteen before Kalends of December: Birthday of Tiberius Caesar. Supplication to Vesta.


[15] Eighteen before Kalends of January: On this day, the altar of Fortuna Redux, who led back (reduxit) (Augustus) Caesar from the provinces across the sea. Supplication to Fortuna Redux.


[7] Seven before Ides of January: On this day, (Augustus) Caesar first received the fasces (of office). Supplication to Jupiter Sempiternus (‘the eternal’).

[16] Seventeen before Kalends of February: On this day, Caesar received the name Augustus. Supplication to Augustus.

[30] Third before Kalends of February: On this day, the ara Pacis (‘altar of Peace’) was dedicated. Supplication to/for the Rule of Caesar Augustus, the Guardian of the Roman Empire* (Imperium Caesaris Augusti, Custodis Imperii Romani).

*”Roman Empire” is a speculative restoration.


[6] (… On this day Caesar Augusts was made pontifex ma)ximus. Supplication to Vesta and the public dii Penates of the Roman people, the Quirites (Di Publici Penates Populi Romani Quiritium)


[15?] (…) Supplication to the Victory of Augustus (Victoria Augusta).

[16?] (…) Supplication to the Happiness of the Empire (Felicitas Imperii).


[12?] (…) Supplication to Moles (‘dangers’) of Mars (Moles Martis).

[17?] (…) Supplication to Vesta.

(…) to Mars Ultor (‘avenger’) and Venus (Genetrix?).

(…) Supplication to Jupiter.