Prayer to Flavios Klaudios Ioulianos

Julian Picture

Credit: HistoryMarche, Hoc Est Bellum

O Great Julian, Emperor of Roma and First Among Equals,
Shining Son of God and Wisest of Men,
Golden King of Hellenes and All-Merciful Benefactor,
I invoke your name to banish all evil and purify this space.
Give me, if you wish so, Great Hero, the inspiration of knowledge on how to endure the struggles of life,
And put us on the path towards Eudaimonia.
For you, Ruler of Latins and Hellenes, Lord of Humankind who has ascended to the Gods and shares in Their power, are most blessed and excellent.
Divine Julian, Hear My Plea.

About AzoresHeliokles

Proud Hellene, polytheist and Pagan. Reconstructing Late Antiquity-Early Medieval Hellenism of the Roman imperial era based on the teachings of Julian the Philosopher and Iamblichus, referred to as "Julian Hellenism."
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