Augury is an important method of divination done by interpreting omens from the observed flight of birds.


Types of Birds & Meaning

  • Geese are sacred to Hera, who is traditionally a Goddess of society and families.
  • Eagles are sacred to Zeus-Helios.


Animal Movement & Directions

Towards – Reception

Away – Depletion


Crossing your path

An animal crossing your paths means boundaries.

Crossing from left to right – Minor achievement

Crossing from right to left – Minor obstacle



A movement diagonally means transformation.

Lower right to upper left diagonal – Weak obstacle

Lower left to upper right diagonal – Weak achievement

Upper right to lower left diagonal – Major obstacle

Upper left to lower right diagonal – Major achievement



Stationary means foundation.

Stationary front – Stability

Stationary back – Stagnation

Stationary left – Separation

Stationary right – Unification



Clockwise – Major completion

Counter-clockwise – Minor completion



Left = Bad

Right = Good



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