Tiberianus to the Demiurge

Translation from the fragments of Tiberianus by Ɔ. Martiana (Unhistorize).

Verses of Plato

All-powerful one, to whom the ancient age of heaven looks up,
Whom – forever one under his thousand powers –
No one will ever be able to appraise in number or in time,
Be now addressed, if it is fitting to address you with a name;
Even if it be unknown, you take sacred delight in it, while great Earth
Quakes and the planets halt their rapid courses.

You are alone, you are also many; you are first and
Last and also middle. You outlive the world,
Since, without an end to you, you end the passing times.
Elevated in eternity, you behold the merciless fates of all things
Be dragged along in fixed rotation, and lives circle through time;
And you lead them back again to return to the vaulted world above,
So that that there may return to the world what, drawn into births,
Has perished, so that it may flow again through all time.

You – if it is allowed to strain the senses towards you
And grasp at your sacred form, with which you encircle the stars,
And, immeasurable, enclose the vast ether at once –,
In a swift shape, perhaps, with limbs of lightning,
Are like a flame-flowing light; when you make all things flash with it,
You yourself see all things and outshine our Sun and our day.

You are the whole species of gods, you are the cause and vigor of all things,
You are all of nature, one god innumerable,
You are full of all gender, for you was it that there once arose
This god, this world, this dwelling of humans and gods,
Shining, starry with the lofty bloom of youth.

By what plan it was created – I pray inspire me –,
In what manner it was generated or made, give this to me who wants to know:
Give, father, that I may learn the lofty causes,
Through what bond between things you once raised up the materials of the world,
And by what light number you once, in your greatness,
Weaved together the soul; through which number, same and other,
The vital thing, whatever it is, has life through bodies set in motion.