Three Hymns for the Month of March

Translation from the Anthologia Latina by Ɔ. Martiana (Unhistorize).

Praise of Mars [March 1st]

Mars, father of arms, boldest warrior,
Be a favorable, gentle, good-natured god, be benign!
May thus, when battles are over and fields sated with blood,
Cythere yield embraces to you, careless of the chain.

You are red of crest and helmet, you are beautiful in the air
As you strike glowing beams from your iron armor.
Cuirass and greaves cover you, not that terror of you
Should arise in a foe, but because beauty pours from the arms.
When you have struck the battered orb of your shield,
The world rumbles, the earth quakes, the plains give way.

Give us in return that we may return home in celebration.
So may the kalends be celebrated for you in frolicking.

For the Junonalia [March 7th]

[Holy] lady of heaven, in whose care are the conjugal bonds,
The king of highest heaven’s spouse and sister,

Give us in return: may the rule of the orb go over
[one or more lines lost]

For the Liberalia [March 17th]

Lenaeus, vine-planter, Bromius, Semeleius, Bacchus,
Thyrsus-bearer, two-mothered, triennial, Nysian, Liber,
Ariadnaean flower, Corybantian, Iacchus, Thyoneus!

Give us in return: may sweet grape-juice flow
In all rivers, may the grapeharvest froth in all vats.