Precepts of Apollon

Translated from the bilingual (Greek and Latin) Hermeneumata Stephani by Ɔ. Martiana (SARTRIX).

In Delphi, the maxims of Apollo are inscribed on a column near the god:

(1) Honor the gods,
(2) Honor your parents,
(3) Praise noble deeds,
(4) Be a philosopher/lover of wisdom,
(5) Keep away from envy,
(6) Plan to marry,
(7) Avoid a pledge,
(8) Know yourself,
(9) Avoid shameful deeds,
(10) Witness just proceedings,
(11) Apply industry,
(12) Beware loss,
(13) Hold on to wealth,
(14) Die for the sake of these things,
(15) Fear deceit,
(16) Have a good reputation,
(17) Believe in Fortune,
(18) Avoid conflict,
(19) Rule your children,
(20) Be agreeable to the masses,
(21) Do not despise anyone,
(22) Obey the laws,
(23) Consider the future,
(24) Do not threaten anyone,
(25) Keep faith,
(26) Accuse someone only when they are present,
(27) Take care about your livelihood,
(28) Rule yourself,
(29) Keep friends who are like you,
(30) Plan for your old age,
(31) Prepare what is needful,
(32) Make sacrifice according to your means!