Update on the Website + Stance Against Hindutva

Hello all. Kleitonos (AzoresHeliokles), creator of HellenicFaith.com here. It’s been a long time since the last update for the website, and I’m writing here to provide an some explanation on my current situation. In short, there will still be no new content for the next few months due to circumstances happening in real life, which includes everything from COVID-19 adding sudden stress to everyone’s lives, to an intensive time dealing with my education as a disabled person without access to accommodations, to my commitments to friends, family and loved ones. These are all things that are pulling me away and overwhelming me right now. The little time I do have spent is usually dedicated to worshiping at my altar, spending time with friends and loved ones, and writing more recreational content elsewhere. However, once I am past all of my troubles, I plan to get right back to work on the website. Some articles have been about 70% done for over a year now, and once I return I have plans to finish many of these, including a unique take on cosmic eschatology that draws from Platonic, Hesiodic, and Late Antiquity ideas of cosmic epochs, but also draws inspiration from Zoroastrianism and Hinduism.

However, there is something that I feel is important for me to apologize to the community for. Earlier on in my online career I had been misled by various peoples in the Paganosphere into engaging with people who are part of Hindutva, with Hindutva being initially presented to me as nothing more but an innocent anti-colonial movement. As such, I had done the initial error of engaging with Hindutva folk in conversation, only to later find out that their movement had actually been little more than a racist, Islamophobic and chauvinistic far right movement. This website, the principles of Julian Hellenism, and I myself stand wholly and fully against the horror that is fascism and whatever form it may take, whether that be Folkish clowns trying to appropriate the Paganism or pompous members of Hindutva tarnishing Hinduism through their vile hatred of and attack on India’s inherent pluralist and diverse cultural and religious space. With all of my heart, I give my sincerest apologies for having made such a mistake and not understanding who these folk were before engagement. Future caution will be taken, and I sincerely thank people like Martiana and the South Asian Studies department at my University for educating me on such matters when I was ignorant.

I hope to continue to serve and do better for this community, and I hope to see it flourish and grow forever more. I love you all, and thank you for helping me grow and for giving me the motivation to get out of bed every day. Even when things truly feel rough in life.

All the best,


About AzoresHeliokles

Proud Hellene, polytheist and Pagan. Reconstructing Late Antiquity-Early Medieval Hellenism of the Roman imperial era based on the teachings of Julian the Philosopher and Iamblichus, referred to as "Julian Hellenism."
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3 Responses to Update on the Website + Stance Against Hindutva

  1. rossioncoyle says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I had similar experiences

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  2. throughthegodswelive says:

    I truly hope that one day you continue your work on this blog, For it is with guidance from you I worship the Gods but work at your own pace and may the Gods bless you.

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