Welcome to Hellenic Faith, a Hellenic and Pagan blog that aims to serve both as a useful resource for Hellenes and all Pagans alike and serve as a place where I attempt to give my musings on Hellenism, Contemporary Paganism, polytheism and the intersections of other practices which are of interest. My name is Klay, although to some I am Klayton Silvanus, and I write under that name. I have been a practicing Hellene since 2013, but in 2016 I discovered the writings of Plato, and from there Iamblichus and Emperor Julian. From there I began to delve into and develop a variant of Hellenism known as Julian Hellenism.

Hellenic Faith is a blog on Hellenism, the reconstructed & revived polytheistic religion of the Graeco-Roman world. The form of Hellenism this website is about is more specifically Julian Hellenism, a late Roman Imperial-era form of Hellenism that attempts to reconstruct the Hellenism believed, practiced, and endorsed by Emperor Julian, the Philosopher King of the 4th century Roman Empire and my personal hero, who himself was influenced by great thinkers like the divine Iamblichus and the two authors of the Chaldean Oracles.


Principles of Hellenic Faith


Hellenic Faith affirms the One, which is the Good, is the supreme and unknowable Godhead which manifested the Cosmos through the overflowing emanation of its superabundant goodness; and that while the Cosmos is full of the Divine, the One is transcendent of the Cosmos.

Hellenic Faith affirms that the One is of a singular, unitary nature, beyond essence/substance (ousia), whose superabundant goodness is brought into order and abundance through the work of the divine & all-good Celestial Demiurge, King Helios.

Hellenic Faith affirms that there are many Divinities under the One, both Gods and Greater Kinds, who manifest throughout the Cosmos.

Hellenic Faith affirms that the fundamental essential nature of Humanity is Divine, gifted with a Divine Soul.

Hellenic Faith affirms that knowledge of one’s Divine Soul, so far as possible, and through it, the Divine Mind of the Celestial Demiurge, is the supreme form of self-knowledge and the first form of divine knowledge. This experiential knowledge, which is purifying, illuminating, and perfecting, is intuitive knowing (Gnosis).

Hellenic Faith affirms that humanity as a whole is guided towards becoming like the divine, so far as possible, and divine Unity (henosis), through the guidance and experiences of the Divinity especially set over our soul, and its entire series of divine beings, as well as through the Celestial Demiurge, who are the sources and bestowers of Gnosis.

Hellenic Faith affirms and recognizes that Divine Souls are within all humanity, and therefore both Julian Hellenism and the Hellenic Faith website are for all people without discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, race, nationality, social status, or sexual orientation.

Hellenic Faith affirms the use of divinely inspired and sacred writings that reveal the Divine messages of faith, truth, and love from the Hellenic world, with special great respect to the works of great poets such as Homer, Hesiod, Apollonius of Rhodes and Virgil; as well as great philosophers such as Pythagoras, Plato, Iamblichus, Julian and their successors; as well as the Chaldean Oracles; among other texts.

Hellenic Faith affirms the use of a reconstructionist methodology of practice to attempt to rebuild what has been lost and avoid hubris by upholding proper practice.

Hellenic Faith affirms the adherence to the religion of the divine Emperor Flavius Claudius Iulianus Augustus, known simply as Julian the Philosopher, and strives to reconstruct his religion and practice and adapt it to modern day.


(Special thanks to Ekklesia Neoplatonismos Theourgia for inspiration)