Claudius to Moon

Translation from the Anthologia Latina by Ɔ. Martiana (Unhistorize). ‘Moon’ translates Luna.

Moon, the beauty of the world, the great heaven’s greatest part,
Moon, companion of the Sun, errant splendor, fire and moisture,
Moon, the parent of the months, returning to life with numerous offspring!

You rule the two-yoked heavens under the glittering Sun,
When you return, Day gathers up your brother’s hours,
Father Oceanus gazes after you when the heaven is renewed,
The earth breathes out for you, you bind Tartarus in chains,
You renew the solstice with the sistrum, you shake the cymbal plates,
Isis, Moon, Ceres, Caelestis, Juno, Cybebe!

On each successive day, you drive the light submerged,
And in turn you renew the lights each successive month.
Now you are smaller, after you become full, now you return in full,
After you are smaller; you always grow after your disk wanes.

Be present here, and be a goddess well-inclined towards our prayers,
And allow the heifers joined to your light-bearing yokes to rest
So that Fortune may spin her wheel the way that prosperity run.