An explanation of what contemporary Paganism is.


Reconstructionist Methodology

A description of reconstructionist methodology used in contemporary Paganism, as well as clarifications on common misunderstandings.



An explanation of Hellenism, the traditional religion of the Graeco-Roman world.


Julian Hellenism

An explanation of Julian Hellenism, a reformed denomination of Hellenism inspired by the vision of the divine Emperor Julian.


Dogma, doxa, praxis & pathos

An explanation on four principles in religion, and how they apply to Julian Hellenism.


Mission Statement & Principles

A statement of this website’s religious mission and principles.



A summary of doctrines which serves as a learning introduction for teaching children and converts who are being brought into Julian Hellenism.


Declaration of Reversion

A statement of intent that is written and sent, for the benefit of all modern Romans who return to Hellenism, to the Summus Pontifex of the See of Rome (the Pope).