An explanation of Hellenism, the traditional polytheistic and animistic orthopraxic religion, lifestyle, and ethos of the ancient Graeco-Roman world.


Reconstructionist Methodology

A description of reconstructionist methodology used in contemporary Paganism, as well as clarifications on common misunderstandings.


Religious Inclusivism & Syncretism

An overview of religious inclusivism, the doctrine that truth can be found in the plethora of other philosophies and religions across the globe, and how it is superior to religious exclusivism and how it connects to syncretism, a comparative methodology in Hellenism used to interpret the mythology and religious traditions of other cultures by seeking equivalences and shared characteristics.


Julian Hellenism

An explanation of Julian Hellenism, a reformed Orphic denomination of Hellenism inspired by the vision of the divine Emperor Julian.


Dogma, doxa, praxis & pathos

An explanation on four principles in religion, and how they apply to Julian Hellenism.


Religion & Superstition

An overview of Religion & Superstitios, the concept of proper religion against superstition.



An overview of true education, which is foundational to proper religion.


Mission Statement & Principles

A statement of this website’s religious mission and principles.



A summary of doctrines which serves as a learning introduction for teaching children and converts who are being brought into Julian Hellenism.


Declaration of Reversion

A statement of intent that is written and sent, for the benefit of all modern Romans who return to Hellenism, to the Summus Pontifex of the See of Rome (the Pope).