Declaration of Reversion

The Declaration of Reversion is going to be a statement of intent which will be composed, written and sent, for the benefit of all modern Hellenes of the Hellenic Ecclesia, to the Summus Pontifex of the Ecclesia Catholica (i.e., the Pope) and the Archbishop of Constantinople (i.e., the “first among equals” of the Eastern Orthodox bishops).


There are many reasions that the Declaration of Reversion will be sent to the Summus Pontifex of the Ecclesia Catholica and the Archbishop of Constantinople. The Hellenic Ecclesia could have gone its own independent way without informing the Church which had instigated the Conversion of our elders. That said, it would seem better when severance is undertaken, to do it with proper form and to do so clearly and in a manner of utmost formality.

The idea to produce an official declaration came from a desire to draw a discernible line of descent from the elder Hellenes to our contemporary iteration, much like that of the Declaration of Reversion from Thia Frankisk Aldsido. It was also devised to provide a means by which modern Hellenes, who take up the Julian Hellenic mantle, can disassociate themselves with whatever influence the Christian religion(s) had on them prior to becoming a Hellene. It will be a founding document that provides a road forward and inspires future generations as a hallmark of folk genesis.

The Romans of old were great proponents of a robust civil administration, valuing prestigious diplomas, charters, formularies, and so on. It was only natural that the modern Hellenic Ecclesia to follow in like, producing a document that pays homage to ancient form while simultaneously being rooted firmly within our contemporary age.



Though the Vatican and the Patriarch of Constantinople will receive it and, perhaps, even read it, it is not meant for them. Rather, the Declaration of Reversion is written for our Julian Hellenic audience, and it lays out some principles for our tradition which, with careful observation, will delineate for those interested in our ways. The well-read will easily pick out various quotes and homages here and there in the words therein and be able to gain a fuller understanding of the foundation of the Hellenic Ecclesia.



To “Revert” is to return to a former condition or practice. That is the ultimate goal of our Declaration, to demonstrate without equivocation, that we are returning to an original state of being. Romanitas and our religious pursuit of the Hellenic Ecclesia is to us that original state: the Pax Romana. It may not be exactly how things were, but it is a state which humbly derives from and benefits the originality of the primal Romans. We in our turn inherit the standard of the Roman Eagle.