Love, Truth and Faith


In theourgia, the theurgist will engage the practitioner with divine synthemata and symbola, which will in effect prevents the impure from entering sacred space. This makes purification an inherent part of theurgic practice, with the purifying effects of fumigation (e.g., incense/resin, saffron, torches, etc) and lustration (khernips) being some of the most important parts of theurgic ritual. They work through a sympathetic connection to three cosmic teletarchs; the Pre-Essential Demiurge, the Celestial Demiurge, and the Sub-Lunar Demiurge, who all engage in this vital part of theourgia and purify through the three virtues that are connected to them respectively: Love, Truth, and Faith.

It is revealed through the Chaldean Oracles that everything “governed by and exists in these three virtues” (Chaldean Oracles 48); and it is by means of this triad do we commune with the divine levels (Chaldean Oracles 144). They are uplifting powers which cause henosis.



Faith (Pistis/πιστις, Fidés in Latin) has nothing to do with blind belief. Rather, it is the substance of the Sub-Lunar Realm, and the primary virtue from the Sub-Lunar Demiurge, Dionysos/Asklepios. It is represented by the visible sun’s divine rays. It is the sole theurgic power through which henosis occurs.



Truth (Aletheia/ἀλήθεια) means to reveal, is is the primary virtue of the divine Sun, who is the Celestial Demiurge Zeus-Helios, the “ruler of the soul” (Chaldean Oracles 86) and the aetherial, who consecrates all within His realm through Truth. It is the substance of the Intelligible Realm and/or the Psychic Realm.



Love (Eros/έρως) is the virtue associated with the Pre-Essential Demiurge, Aion. It is the first quality of the “substance” of the Intelligible Realm. Through Love, Aion directs the “wings of fire” (Chaldean Oracles 85), the wings of the soul found in the divine Plato’s Phaedrus, which are shed and need to be regrown to once more rise into the heavenly realms. This is associated with Immaterial Theurgy.



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