Exorcism is presumably a practice that began in prehistoric times, intended to evict evil spirits believed to torment a person or area. Exorcism regimens are found today in plenty of religions.

More often than not, divine possession by deities is a welcome experience and is considered a sign of divine favor in Hellenism. It is likewise seen as such in other practices such as Vodoun, Santeria, Macumba, Wicca, and indigenous religions, such as with shamanic practices. However, in the off chance that one is truly taken by a negative entity, continue on.


Mental Illness

Before one goes on to do an exorcism, one must consider the possibility of mental illness and other disorders being the cause of a person’s behaviors. Epilepsy, hormone and dietary imbalances, hysteria, and multiple personality disorder, all could be legitimate causes that are less of the other worldly and more so the material.

In the 5th century BCE, Hippocrates recognized that epilepsy and mental illness had understandable causes in physical or chemical imbalances, and unscrupulous people tried to take advantage of supposedly “incurable” conditions caused by malevolent spirits by selling magical “cures” for a high price. Meanwhile, as early as the 7th century BCE, Egypt was treating mental illness with the same therapeutic approaches as were used to manage physical illness, rather than spiritual.

In the theoretical case of a modern person exhibiting behavioral symptoms for which medical science would be unable to provide explanation, diagnosis, or treatment, like any other polytheist, it is recommended to turn to prayer.



For an actual exorcism, the modern Hindu practice is most applicable. Not only is Hinduism similar in many ways to Hellenism, but simultaneously it does no harm to the possessed individual.

In theory, a negative spirit can harm human beings and even obstruct the light of the Gods. The practice consists of the exorcist chanting prayers out loud, offering incense to the deities on behalf of the afflicted person, sprinkling the patient with sanctified water, and keeping sacred images of the Gods in the proximity of the sufferer. The spirit is either appeased with exceptional food items or forced out of the victim.

Apollo and Artemis, King Helios, Asklepios, Dionysus, Hermes Psychopompos, and Hekate are appropriate deities upon whom to call for healing in such a case. Furthermore, one should have a purifying candle nearby and invoke Hestia, as the candle will allow the divine to focus their attention to provide assistance.




You’ll need:

  • Frankincense and Myrrh incense
  • Khernips
  • Image(s) of the God(s)
  • A Candle, which will serve as a focus for Hekatê and Hermes to offer assistance.

If you don’t want pets or children in the house during a house cleansing, you definitely don’t want them around an exorcism.


[Ritual To Be Written]


(Special thanks to HonorTheGods for assistance! Used content with permission.)



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