Deo, or Demeter (Ceres in Latin), is a Goddess of the earth, specifically the seasonal cycles of growth and decay – with a particular focus is the blossoms of spring and the cultivated soil of agriculture. She is also the Mother, who is profoundly protective over Her daughter.



When Her daughter was stolen from Her by the Lord of the Underworld, She was prepared to stamp out all life in retaliation. However, instead of death, Her grief gave rise to Mysteries of hope; the Eleusinian Mysteries.



  • Erinus (Raging)
  • Kabeiria (Mother of the Kabeiroi)
  • Karpophoros (Bringing Fruit)
  • Khloe (Verdant)
  • Khthonia (Earthly One)
  • Kidaria
  • Kourotrophos (Protector of Youth)
  • Lousia (Mild)
  • Melaina (Black)
  • Meter (Mother)



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