Aphrodite, also known as Venus in Latin, is the Goddess of wedlock and binding.

Aphrodite harmonizes the Gods and fills them with harmony, unifying them with Her charm, and is Herself their synthesis; just as Justice is a synthesis of the virtues. As such, She emanates from Zeus-Helios as the principle of unity in the form of a creative light.


Identification with Hera

Julian the Philosopher specifically makes note of Aphrodite’s identification with Hera in his Hymn to King Helios, when he speaks of the famous Temple of Jupiter (Zeus) on the Capitoline and notes “For not only does Zeus, who is glorified as the father of all things, inhabit its citadel together with Athene and Aphrodite,” replacing the name Hera with that of Aphrodite in connection with Aeneas.



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